Tolfa with the ruins of the medieval fortress, La Rocca

“How can we turn a bad thing into a good thing and create a Tolfa renaissance?

We live in very difficult times. I share these days and weeks with my fellow citicens of Tolfa. Our lovely, beautiful town is sad these days, and we see it in peoples’ eyes over the masks. We are not even hugging and kissing anymore, and we get nowhere because of the curfew. I have made it a routine to talk with people in the lines outside the shops and the supermarket, and I learn a lot by listening to my neighbours. This week I have for example talked with two bright young women who are very much “in gamba” as we say here, clever folks with brains and vision. Both of them said the same about EU: “I once believed in EU, thought it was good. Nor any longer. We have nothing good to expect from Brussel or Berlin. We have to get out, do it ourselves.”

Miljardärernas pengar finns inte utan naturen och människors arbete. Det hänger alltså på oss… Kanske detta kan bli fröet till något stort?

Hade inte pandemin lagt sig som en våt filt över världen hade jag varit i Tolfa en vecka i slutet av maj. Nu väntar jag på nästa möjliga tillfälle.

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